Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Blogging vs. Quilting

Still trying to figure out all there is to the blogesphere, or maybe just my blog.   Since I didn't plan to post on a daily basis, it seems I have to re-learn what to do each time I come back here.  I'm sure my inexperience is quite similar to all other first time bloggers.   

Over the last few days, I've been playing with the layout of the blog and adding links to my favorite sites and the blogs I follow on a regular basis.  So bottom line is, I'm spending all my free time playing with this blog rather than doing anything creative, like quilting or sewing.

Yesterday, my really good friend Sofia told me about her blog, 4 Creative Sisters, which she created with three other teachers at Nansemond Suffolk Academy in Virginia.   These ladies are so talented and artistic and I highly recommend you check out their blog.  The link is at the bottom right side of this page.   

Sofia:  forget posting those beautiful pictures and quotes on FB, and instead put them in the blog.  Your blog is so visually appealing, I'll have to get "blogging" pointers from you.

I just returned from Massachusetts and the weather there was colder than normal for New England; single digit temps with double digit wind chill.   I was only there for four days but will need at least a week to warm up.  I delivered the first completed quilt of 2013.   It's a simple nine patch lap quilt for Sonya, the matriarch of our clan.  Yes, Eric....I know we're German and Portuguese and not from Scotland!  

So here are a couple of photos of the first officially completed quilt...

Mum's Lap Quilt
"Signature" piece
Mum loved the quilt; I just hope she uses it and not put it away for the future.    
After returning to warm and sunny Florida, I had to catch up on the Quick as a Fox second block, Flying Geese.   This is a quilt-a-long with the Patchwork Posse gang and there's a link to the group on my last post.
Quick as a Fox - Block 2
This wasn't a particularly difficult block until I inadvertently scorched the wrong side of the fabric on the off white and green swirl triangle.  Clearly, I was too focused on getting perfectly flat seams to notice I left my hot iron resting on this very delicate fabric.  Ouch.    

So I pulled it all apart, not fun.  Cut another piece of fabric and then couldn't get the pieces to fit back together again.  I replaced the swirly pieces twice and sewed and ripped out the center seam at least 20 times, at which point it was time to walk away.   This is where I remind myself that quilting is relaxing and enjoyable.
I finished the block, feeling like I settled on it but when I posted it to the Flickr site, my quilt-a-long friends were more than kind with their raves.   Quilters are just so nice!  Anyways, it's done and now on to Block #3, which is a quasi-3D process.  I'll have to post photos later in the week.
Tomorrow, I need to post photos and tell you about the other in progress quilts.   It's my way of pushing myself to complete these projects. 
So see you tomorrow.





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