Wednesday, May 8, 2013

More Boston Quilting

While I've been quiet on the blogging front, I have been very busy on the quilting and yarn fronts.

I actually finished the Lone Starburst block the day after my last post and can confirm the designer is Anna Politzer from Six White Horses Studio.

I really liked the blue and decided to go with it in the center.    I did clean up the white threads on the horizontal center seam; only needed one minor adjustment to have everything line up nicely.  

So then I started to organize the fabrics and the patterns for the remaining eight blocks.  My goal is to send 12 blocks to the Boston Modern Quilt Guild for the Quilts for Boston.  Twelve blocks with coordinated fabrics will make a very nice 36" by 48" comfort quilt.  

So I took a minor sewing break and played around reading all the other blogs I follow and  noticed the due date for the to Boston with Love flags was moved up to May 21st.   Oh oh....I hadn't even started working on these yet.    So it was necessary to switch gears.

I was only going to make a couple of flags using the paper piecing patterns from the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild.  Then I got carried away when I thought about the "B Strong" slogan that is appearing everywhere in Boston. 

So I ended up cutting out felt letters and appliqueing them to the flags.    I have my contribution displayed on my design center (aka my bed) and put them in the mail yesterday.   Amy Friend should be getting them tomorrow.   

Here's a close-up of the applique; although it looks like a zigzag stitch in the's actually a blanket stitch.   I also love the background fabric.

I alternated the backing and binding so from the reverse the flags would have a little character.

The other three flags were paper pieced or strip pieced.

Amy Friend at During Quiet Time, has made arrangements for all these flags coming in to Boston from around the world to be display at the Shapiro Family Courtyard at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts.  Here's the photo I copied from Amy's blog announcing....

You can also click on the link above to Amy's blog to read more about the program.

So now I'm back to quilt blocks for Quilts for Boston and decided to make the Arkansas Traveler block from Lee Heinrich at Freshly Pieced.  I think I figured out a shortcut to cutting all those small 60 degree diamonds, and I'm working on documenting this process while I make the block, so the block progress is going a bit slower than normal.  Who knows,  after I run this by Lee, I might have my very first tutorial to post.  To ensure I can successfully replicate the shortcut, I have to make a lot more sections than are needed for just the one block, so I can see an Arkansas Traveler quilt in someone's future.


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  1. Hi, Yvonne. Visiting from the "To Boston with Love" Flickr site.

    Can you tell me, what kind of felt did you use for your applique? I'm thinking of making up a "PEACE" bunting, and was curious what you'd used.

    Beautiful work. Love your contributions!