Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Quilts for Boston

Here are photos of my fabric pulls for the Quilts for Boston.   There is a completely different color pallette for the small banners needed for to Boston with Love, and I read on another blog that the date for hanging the quilted banners in Boston is now Memorial Day weekend, so those will have to be worked on in between the quilt blocks.   I better get moving and select some red and orange fabric. 

Here's the first batch of fabric which I actually purchased for the 12.5  inch quilt blocks.

Here is what I pulled from my stash to join those above.

And here are the blues, teals, and yellows left over from the Bloom Bloom Pow Quilt-along

My plan is to make 12 Blocks for "Quilts for Boston" and the first block I made is the foundation paper pieced Circle of Geese, a pattern from  Beth Cheri at Pieced By Numbers.  I used a few blue and grey tones from the Swirl Charm packs by Whistler Studios at Windham Fabrics, since I didn't pull enough blues from my stash until after this was done.   The background white is "Snow" from Kona, which I think is a whiter white.

The second block is a crazy foundation paper pieced pattern called Log Cabin Heart from Jennifer Ofenstein at   Jennifer is the admin for the Addicted to Paper Piecing flickr group, so I uploaded the photo below today, so she could see what I did with her pattern.

I wasn't sure what border I was going to use when I started piecing it from scraps....and wished I had the foresight to use the flowered print in the border and the plain yellow as the background so the heart popped more. I guess I'll just have to make another and see.

The third block is a pieced heart I saw on the Boston Modern Quilt Guild flickr site by Alidiza.  The pattern is called Heart & Soul by I'm a Ginger Monkey for the Aurifil April Block of the Month.  I also follow Katy Jones as she monkeys around the United Kingdom.

For some reason I don't have great luck when piecing these small blocks. I was purposely methodical and slow when cutting, and even trimmed the blocks to a perfect 2.5 inches before piecing them and I still spent almost two hours ripping out seams to line them up properly. 
The fourth block is still a work in progress.   This bordered star pattern was not created by me and unfortunately, there was nothing in the pdf file or on this pattern printout to identify this specific designer.   I remember finding it by accident after having difficulty printing the Lone Starburst Quilt Block from Anna Politzer at Six White Horses Studio.   It is the exact same pattern, so I'll have to give credit to Anna.

I was planning on having half the star center be the yellow print; then I thought about alternating the yellow and blue star diamonds, but I'm not sure yet.   I really love this blue fabric (pattern and hues), but it may be too dark and overpowering.  I'm also thinking about sewing a slash with the yellow fabric on a couple of the blue center points.   You'll just have to tune back in tomorrow to see what I actually did.
Hope you come back and see all of my blocks for Quilts for Boston. 



  1. Loving all of your blocks and really intrigued by the one in progress! Wonderful!

  2. I love your blocks! especially the star block!