Monday, April 29, 2013

Bloom Bloom Pow Update

I spent the better part of Wednesday and Thursday last week trying to catch up with the Bloom Bloom Pow Quilt-along since I hadn't done anything after receiving the Pearl Bracelet fabric except to arrange it in color group stacks; Light, Medium and Dark, on April 2nd.

This is the first quilt related photo I've taken outdoors using natural light.  The colors really show up well even in the late afternoon.    I really like how the colors pop on the travertine tile.
Lee from Fleshly Pieced sends out weekly posts with instructions for cutting and piecing and I was almost four weeks behind.  I cut all the Pearl Bracelet fabric and half of the white pieces Wednesday.


We had a beautiful sunny morning on Thursday and the natural light in the Maus's Sewing Room was perfect for sewing and photography.   With coffee mug safely tucked away from my sewing area, I began piecing the strips.
The dark strips needed to be offset to correctly cut the triangles.
I have to admit I was a little leery of making a quilt using equilateral triangles, but Lee's process takes all the guess work out of it.
Next we sew three triangles into half hexagons....
This was the first part of last week's instructions.   Of course,  knowing I tend to get board doing the same thing over and over, I jumped around and sewed strips, cut triangles and then made half hexies, before piecing every color.   I'm combining different steps from the last three and a half weeks of quilt-along just to keep myself entertained.   
By Thursday dinner time, I had almost half (actually 47%) the half hexies done and the rest not even started. 
All the half hexies were completed yesterday and today, I finalized the layout and joined them into rows.   

A lot of quilters have design boards or use the floor to arrange their quilt pieces, And although you can eat off my floors....I just can't make myself put my clean fabric on the floor.  So, I use my king-sized bed or the queen sized guest bed as my design centers which allow me to play with the layouts and the color arrangements without having to get down and then back up from the floor numerous times.

I began to sew the 11 rows together and noticed I wasn't getting all the point intersections to line up perfectly.   The photo below is close but will need a slight adjustment.

Just to the left of the slightly misaligned points above is the orange bloom below and that center is off by a quarter of an inch.   The rest of the row looks good, so I'll just adjust the triangle seams a bit until the points line up.   So glad I didn't press any of he seams yet; ripping out heat set stitches is never fun.

I am pleasantly surprised at how large this quilt is.   It will make a good quilt for the San Pedro Munchkin.   I'll have to find the right purple tones for the back.  
I probably won't blog about this one again until she is all finished and ready for her trip to California.   I have until December to make that happen.
So now my focus can be the blocks and banners for Boston.    More on my progress with those in tomorrow's post.   See you then.


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