Monday, March 11, 2013

Angela's Quilt

About ten days ago, I got back Angela's comfort quilt that I sent to my friends at the Missouri Star Quilt Company for them to machine quilt.   

Here's the quilt top on the queen-sized guest bed.  It's a 42" by 42" disappearing four patch quilt using 5" squares.   I selected fabrics and colors trying for a sense of whimsy.

The folks at MSQC are truly quilting magicians. I sent them quilt top and included backing fabric that was technically too small.  I called them once I recognized my mistake, but they made it work and sent me back a beautifully quilted piece.   

Here's the quilt hanging in the Family Room.  

Here's another view on my King-sized bed.  I guess I need to work on my photography focus.   Well you get the idea of the movement of the piece, even if the photo is a bit fuzzy.

I am really pleased how it came out.  The background fabric is a black reversal of the pink butterfly print used in the quilt top and binding.

And.....yes, the Maus has her own label.....

I hope Angela enjoys the quilt, especially on the crappy chemo days.

Stay strong Ang, and Happy Birthday.   Love you lots little sister.


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