Wednesday, March 6, 2013

What have I been up to, you ask?

Aside from being "missing in action" due to a temporary four week work commitment, I have actually accomplished a few odds and ends.

Let's backtrack a bit first.  After my last post on February 6th, I helped a neighbor and good friend Helen coordinate a couples baby shower for another neighborhood couple,  Francesca and Michael as they await the arrival of John Carlo Alexander.   The shower was great and even Bubba enjoyed himself.   

Last Fall, I made a few reversible flannel baby bibs and burp cloths for Francesca when I found out she was pregnant.   These are from my own pattern created almost 20 years ago when I lived in Virginia.  The bibs have a knit ribbed neckband for easily pulling on or off over the child's head.  Thank God for the serger!  


At the last minute (which means the night before the shower) I decided to whip up a quilt for John Carlo's room after learning it was decorated in trains.   I did finish hand sewing the quilt binding literally an hour before we had to be at Helen's.  All Bubba could do was watch my typical last minute frenzy and try to stay out of the way.   Did I mention I was also finishing the Stromboli, prepping the prosciutto and pesto flatbread, and piping home made whipped cream onto the mini cheesecakes at the same time?      

The plan of documenting my endeavors clearly failed with the last minute quilt and I forgot to photograph it before wrapping it.   I'll have to visit Francesca to take a picture of the quilt in John Carlo's room.

I did photograph the spiced nut tray since that was delivered to Helen's house before the quilt madness started.

Spiced Roasted Nuts
This is a favorite holiday treat I've been making for a few years and the nuts have a similar flavor and texture to the roasted Bavarian nuts you get at the Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany.  The recipe came from a friend here in Jacksonville who probably got it from a food magazine since the printed recipe she gave me reflects page 49. 

Here's the recipe and I make both individual nut batches and mixed batches using almonds, hazelnuts, pecans and walnuts ....


Works in Progress:

I also finished and registered the three art quilts for the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative and mailed them off in late February.     Here's a photo of the back of my Homage to Music  art quilt.  It is registered as #13327.

The Eternity Knot quilt entitled "Eternally Gerti" and dedicated to Gerti Meck who passed away in February after a long battle with Alzheimer's is registered as #13330.

The August Sunset art quilt dedicated to Uncle Frank is registered as #13328.   Please click on the AAQI link over to the right on my blog and check out all of the art quilts available for auction.


Quick-as-a-fox Quilt along with the Patchwork Posse and the Sewing Loft.   I was three weeks and three blocks behind schedule, so now that I have the work commitment over, I was able to focus on Block 5 - Appliqued Hexagons; Block 6 - Dresden Plate; and Block 7 - Curved Strips.   They were all relatively easy to complete. 

Block 5 - Appliqued 3" Hexies

Block 6 - Dresden Plate

Block 7 - Curved Strips

I wasn't sure if I would enjoy making this quilt and now that there are only two blocks left, I think I will make another one but with more vibrant colors.   I still love these fabrics, but the colors just look too sedate to me.   I'm sure when it is all put together it will be beautiful and is scheduled to be one of my quilt donations for the prayer blanket ministry at Blessed Trinity Church.

So that's all for now.   See you all soon.


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