Thursday, March 7, 2013

Can these jeans be saved?

Many many many years ago, my brother Eric asked me if I could fix a pair of jeans he ripped.   Ever since then, he'll call me every so often and ask, "can you still do that thing you do with your sewing machine and fix my jeans?"    That thing I do, was something I stumbled upon way back in the early 1990's and is basically a darning function using the honeycomb stitch and free motion sewing.  The result is an indestructible armor like patch on his jeans that I call "Armor-Darning." 

Most folks would just throw out the jeans, but not Eric, and here are some pictures of his latest requests...

Jeans #1 - Front

Jeans #1 Front to Back Inseam view

How Eric manages to destroy his jeans the way he does especially since they aren't a tight fit on him, is beyond my comprehension.   

Jeans #2
If you look closely at this second pair of jeans, you'll notice the shaded area to the left of the fly.   That's where I armor darned them back in 2009!   
Here's how the fixed jeans look after my armor darning today.

Jeans #2


Jeans #1 Front

Jeans #1 Back
Although Eric says he doesn't care what color thread I use, I've noticed over time and a few washings, thread in the armor does tend to blend into the denim quite nicely.     
These two pairs of jeans will be in the mail back to New Hampshire tomorrow, just in time for Eric to have them for the next snowstorm!
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